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PC a internet Office 365 a nastavení oprávnění pro sdílené mailboxy

V Office365 možnost použít sdílené mailboxy (a nebo i sdílet klasické mailboxy). Přes webové portál lze nastavit pouze oprávnění FullAccess a Send As. Pokud chceme jiné oprávnění, je třeba použít Powershell.

Nejprve je třeba se přihlásit k PowerShellu v Office365

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
s=New-PsSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri https://ps.outlook.com/powershell -Credential $cred -AllowRedirection -Authentication Basic
$importresults = Import-PSSession $s

Nastavení práv na celý mailbox

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity "mailbox@domain.cz" -User "user@domain.cz" -AccessRights ReadPermission -InheritanceType All
Get-MailboxPermission -Identity "mailbox@domain.cz"

AccessRights u Mailboxu mohou být:

  • FullAccess
  • ExternalAccount
  • DeleteItem
  • ReadPermission
  • ChangePermission
  • ChangeOwner

Nastavení práv pro jednotlivé složky

Pak lze nastavit práva ještě pro jednotlivé složky:

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "mailbox@domain.cz" -User "user@domain.cz" -AccessRights Reviewer
Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "mailbox@domain.cz" -User "user@domain.cz" -AccessRights Reviewer
Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "mailbox@domain.cz"

AccessRights u Folderu mohou být:

  • ReadItems The user has the right to read items within the specified folder.
  • CreateItems The user has the right to create items within the specified folder.
  • EditOwnedItems The user has the right to edit the items that the user owns in the specified folder.
  • DeleteOwnedItems The user has the right to delete items that the user owns in the specified folder.
  • EditAllItems The user has the right to edit all items in the specified folder.
  • DeleteAllItems The user has the right to delete all items in the specified folder.
  • CreateSubfolders The user has the right to create subfolders in the specified folder.
  • FolderOwner The user is the owner of the specified folder. The user has the right to view and move the folder and create subfolders. The user can't read items, edit items, delete items, or create items.
  • FolderContact The user is the contact for the specified public folder.
  • FolderVisible The user can view the specified folder, but can't read or edit items within the specified public folder.

Nebo je lze nastavit také pomocí předvolených rolí:

  • None FolderVisible
  • Owner CreateItems, ReadItems, CreateSubfolders, FolderOwner, FolderContact, FolderVisible, EditOwnedItems, EditAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, DeleteAllItems
  • PublishingEditor CreateItems, ReadItems, CreateSubfolders, FolderVisible, EditOwnedItems, EditAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, DeleteAllItems
  • Editor CreateItems, ReadItems, FolderVisible, EditOwnedItems, EditAllItems, DeleteOwnedItems, DeleteAllItems
  • PublishingAuthor CreateItems, ReadItems, CreateSubfolders, FolderVisible, EditOwnedItems, DeleteOwnedItems
  • Author CreateItems, ReadItems, FolderVisible, EditOwnedItems, DeleteOwnedItems
  • NonEditingAuthor CreateItems, ReadItems, FolderVisible
  • Reviewer ReadItems, FolderVisible
  • Contributor CreateItems, FolderVisible

Následující role mohou být použity pouze pro kalendář:

  • AvailabilityOnly View only availability data
  • LimitedDetails View availability data with subject and location

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